Lucchini RS Group delivers technologically advanced solutions and integrated services to demanding customers while ensuring sustainable growth.

Lucchini RS is a steel manufacturing group which offers a diversified range of high-tech products and services and operates globally. The group’s core business is identified with two divisions:

  • manufacturing of high-end railway components – wheels, axles and wheelsets for high-speed applications, locomotives, passenger trains, trams and underground trains.
  • manufacturing of forging and casting to drawings, for various applications such as power generation, oil and gas, offshore platforms, cement works, industrial plants, iron and steel production plants or shipbuilding. Lucchini RS also produces a large variety of tool steel grades for plastic moulding, pressure die-casting and extrusion.
Giuseppe Lucchini, President of Lucchini RS Group, giving a speech at Innotrans 2016.



The origin

G. Andrea Gregorini moved his company, together with the manpower, from Vezza d’Oglio to Lovere and established a company for steel, casting and forging production.

Business foundation

The original workshop in Lovere becomes a fully-fledged iron and steel mill, and the business develops rapidly thanks to the abundant supply of water resources.
Charcoal- fired blast furnaces are built to produce cast iron. A Pernot furnace is also started up.

Italian Railways Foundation

Lovere Plant sets up the production of Railway wheels and axles on a large scale.

ILVA ownership

Lovere Plant is taken over by the state-owned ILVA.
The production of wheels and rims for the Italian State Railways continuously requires heavy investments in machines and tools.
The foundry shop, the forging shop and the mechanical workshops are also equipped with new machinery.

Business Expansion

A foundry, a forging shop and a mechanical workshop are started up.
Small mechanical workshop was set up to produce weapons, bullets and farming tools for military industry.

Italsider ownership

The state-owned company Italsider takes over Lovere, which, together with Triest, Savona, San Giovanni Valdarno and Novi Ligure, form the so-called “second machining” division.

Terni Ownership

Lovere Plant is acquired by Terni Group.

New identity

The Plant becomes a Company named Lovere Sidermeccanica.

Lucchini family ownership

In the frame of the divestitures planned by the restructuration plan of the state-owned steel industry, Lovere Sidermeccanica is privatised and acquired by Lucchini Group.

European expansion

Lucchini UK and Lucchini Sweden are taken-over from AD-Tranz and Lucchini Poland is established.

Severstal Ownership

The 70% of Lucchini Group is acquired by the Russian Severstal Group.

Sinpar Ownership and Worldwide Expansion

The 100% of the Company is acquired by Sinpar Spa, the holding of Lucchini Family.
The Chinese Joint Venture with Zhibo Transport in Taiyuan is established.

New Lucchini RS Logo

A new business name and logo are created.

Worldwide expansion continues

Lucchini Beijing in China is established and a commercial division is created in India: Lucchini IN.
Major investment of 180 mt to modernise the whole plant of Lovere is signed off.
New rolling mill for train wheels started up.

Major Investments

New automatic axle machining line and wheels machining center.

Other Important Investment

New automatic axle forging line.
New heat treatment facility for heavy forged / cast components (150t).

LBX foundation

LBX in Belgium is founded.

New European expansion

LUR Joint Venture.
Lucchini Mamé Forge and Lucchini Central Europe are established.
Integration of wheel forging and heat treatment lines.

South Africa Presence

Lucchini South Africa is established in Johannesburg.

Lucchini Tool Steel

Lucchini Tool Steel, in Desio (MI), is established as a service center and distribution of tool steel.