The Lucchini RS foundry is the biggest in Italy and among the foremost in Europe in terms of weight, size, technical complexity and quality of the steel castings it manufactures. A total molten steel capacity of 240 tonnes, a handling system sized to the pieces to carry, and large moulding pits make possible the production of castings up to 150 tonnes in weight.

Lucchini RS uses advanced software for planning the melting, casting and cooling processes.

Robotized cold trimming equipment, shot and sand blasting machines are available to give each casting the required surface condition.

The heat treatment furnaces are equipped with automatic temperature programming, control and recording systems.

Machining set-up includes large vertical lathes, mobile-upright milling-boring machines, horizontal lathes and special lathes for deep boring, all with numerical control to guarantee the utmost precision.


5 to 150 tonnes.

carbon steels, alloy steels and high-alloy steels in accordance with the main international standards and customer’s specifications.

rough rolled, machined or ready assembled as a casting/forging subassembly.

all materials are tested and certified in accordance with international standards and customer’s specifications, using any combination of the following methods: UT-RT-HT-PT-MT-VT-DT.


Turbine casings, valve casings, Kaplan hubs, Francis runners, pump rotors, pump bodies, distributors, rotary bodies, conveyors.

ball valve bodies, gate valve bodies, expanding gate valve bodies, shutters, covers, lifting hook assemblies, offshore assemblies, pile driver hammers.

Rudder supports, stern posts, propeller arms, pintle conical couplings, mill heads, kiln tyre, rollers.

Press plate, chocks, press reaction plate, frame for die forging machine, mill housing, pintle conical coupling, propeller boss.