Railway Division

Lucchini RS Group is a world leader in the design and production of rolling stock products. The strengths of the Group lie in its integrated production facilities, starting from the production of steel to the assembly of finished products, in the competence of its human resources, in its know-how and organization, wholly focused on its customers and markets. For Railway Sector the Group produces a wide range of products: wheels, axles, tyres, wheelsets for all rolling stock such as high speed intercity, heavy haul and mass transit system.

Companies of the Division

Lucchini RS meets the international demand through its Company Network in: Italy, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Poland, Belgium, Austria, India, China and South Africa. All sites of the Group strive to be a “one-stop shop” able to offer full support during all maintenance steps, from manufacturing and delivery of spare parts to re-engineering based on return of experience.

Lucchini RS is devoted to the manufacture of high quality products particularly focusing on the design, production and assembly of every kind of wheels, tyres, axles and wheelsets. Lucchini RS is one of the main European manufacturers that integrated in one site all facilities from research and development of materials, to steel production and finished products. The Company produces high quality products such as railway rolling stock, steel castings, forgings and tool steels.

Lucchini Poland (LPL), located on route of international railway Berlin–Warsaw–Moscow line, offers a wide range of railway components and services for freight and passenger vehicles, including design of customized and innovative wheelsets. Within scope of Lucchini Poland supply there are complete bogies overhaul and gearbox revision as well as mounting of new gearboxes and power packs on new build wheelsets.

Lucchini Sweden (LSE), located in Surahammar, has a long tradition in the production of railway wheels, axles and complete wheelsets and is the only manufacturer in Scandinavia. The main production focuses on the machining of wheels, tyres and wheelsets. All wheelsets are designed for low cost utilization and maintenance. In addition to manufacturing, Lucchini Sweden also is a major supplier of overhaul of wheelsets, gearboxes and bogies.

Lucchini Central Europe (LCE) is a Joint-Venture between Lucchini RS and SMW Metallverarbeitung located in Hofkirchen an der Trattnach, in the north western part of Austria. It is specialized in the machining of solid wheels with complex geometry for High Speed, EMU railways and transit systems. The Company is focused on the Austrian, Swiss and German Market with the full range of know-how, products and services of the Lucchini RS Group.

LBX, located in Seraing, close to Liege in Belgium specialises in the machining of solid wheels and axles and the assembly of complete wheelsets for freight, heavy rail, mass transit and light rail. LBX, with its trained workers and advanced systems, is currently qualified by SNCB and CFL Technics and is currently expanding its qualification portfolio to cover the needs of the regional operators, maintainers and train builders.

Lucchini Unipart Rail (LUR) is the joint venture created by the merging of Lucchini UK Limited of Manchester, UK with the wheelset and bogie overhaul activities of Unipart Rail Limited, based in Doncaster, UK. Lucchini Unipart Rail specialises in the machining of monobloc wheels and axles, the assembly of complete wheelsets for freight, heavy rail, mass transit, light rail and high speed trains and in overhaul of train wheelsets, bogies and gearboxes.

Lucchini South Africa (LSA), situated in Germiston, specialises in the machining of wheels, and the marketing of wheels, axles and wheelsets, for the Southern African Rail market.

Zhibo Lucchini Railway Equipment CO., registered as a Sino-Italian Joint Venture in October 2007, is a high & new-tech enterprise that specializes in wheelset machining, assembly and overhaul. The Company is equipped with wheel machining line, axle machining line, bearing assembly line, wheelset assembly line, and wheelset maintenance line. Besides, Zhibo Lucchini has set up its satellite wheelset maintenance stations and its current annual capacity is 50,000 wheelsets including both new wheelsets and maintenance wheelsets.

Lucchini Beijing (LCN) is a commercial subsidiary, established to improve the Group’s presence in the Chinese and Asian market for rolling stock, castings, forgings and tool steels. The company also coordinates after sales and customer technical services directly on site.

Lucchini India (LIN) is wholly owned by Lucchini RS Group. Since India is a strategic market for rolling stock the addition of this company to the Lucchini RS Group is increasing its network of foreign subsidiaries and its global presence.

Lucchini North America, Inc. is a corporation fully owned by Lucchini RS. The company is targeted to the railway sector and will make available on the American market the Lucchini RS wide range of products for wheels, axles and wheelsets with relevant advanced solutions (special steel grades, low noise wheels, anti-ballast coatings, etc.).