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Our Group is strongly committed to principles of sustainability which are aimed to preserve and make the world a better place for the future generations, by defending the environment, respecting and promoting the uniqueness of every human being. Our concept of sustainability is construed on our key principles and values: safety, innovation, quality, and ethics.

Lead by the ambition of manufacturing innovative products to meet people’s needs, we know that our improvements are a tangible competitive advantage and all our initiatives have the same common goal: looking beyond respecting the tradition.

Embedding CRS is a journey: get on board today and start making a real difference for a sustainable tomorrow.

View Ecovadis Certification

View Ecovadis Certification

Lucchini RS Lovere Plant Sustainability Map
Lucchini RS Lovere Plant Sustainability Map


Minimising the impact on the environment which derives from the iron and steel industry is an ambitious challenge, but also the key objective for our business. To achieve this goal we developed a sustainable Environmental Management System and an Energy Management System at a corporate level based on the principles of ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 and monitor our performance through the evaluation of several KPIs which also ensure the compliance with the legislation and the best practices. We constantly assess, monitor and act on both direct parameters which we can control, and indirect parameters which we are influenced by to effectively act and defend the environment we live in.


We believe safety of our workers is a matter of belief and providing optimal working conditions at all times is our responsibility, both as company and as individuals. In order to ensure that, we actively promote and develop a culture of safety based upon targeted training, informational outreach, and the minimization of unsafe behaviors. The safety of our employees goes through the constant awareness of the importance to chase the common goal of zero unsafe behaviors, to be reached with nonstop training, investment and common goals shared within the whole Group. In this spirit, we developed an occupational health and safety management systems certified in accordance with the principles of OHSAS 18001.


Our ethics is based on legality, transparency, honesty, dignity and equality principles: the compliance and observance of such principles is a duty and responsibility of each member of our business organisation as well as all free-lancers, independent consultants and suppliers who perform any professional activity or service for the Group.

Such principles are embodied into the Code of Ethics which define and set out the Group’s fundamental ethical values and represent a key element of the corporate culture standard of conduct for all the recipients in the course of their life within the Group.

SustainabilityPEOPLE & SOCIETY

In April 2017, Lucchini RS has published the last Corporate Social Responsability Report, in collaboration with Ernst&Young Italy.


In accordance with the provisions of Article 2 of Law 179 of 2017 (Wistleblowing Law) on Legislative Decree 231/2001, the 231 Organizational Model of Lucchini RS provides for the new procedure “Rules and treatment of reports -Whistleblowing” for reports to the Supervisory Body, to be sent to the e-mail addresses: