Within 1 Company program, emerged the need to identify a metric and evaluate the degree of integration and involvement of all Group resources.

For this reason, Lucchini RS has developed two surveys: one to collect the suggestions of a large sample of the Group, in order to evaluate the organizational culture of Lucchini RS and the involvement of the management in his building and the other one to investigate the effectiveness of the three-monthly newsletter.

The first survey, carried out in March, was developed to evaluates:

  • Notoriety of values, their diffusion and how they are experienced daily
  • Notoriety of mission and how it affects the Lucchini RS working life
  • The sense of belonging to the Lucchini RS Group
  • Awareness of 1 Company projects and how they are changing the daily working life in Lucchini RS

All the 1 Company values: Excellence, Teamwork, Customer Orientation, Ethics, Passion, Wellbeing, Continuous Improvement, Coherence, Environment, Humbleness are positively lived. Customer orientation and environment are perceived as values more intensely experienced. The survey shows a great alignment of value perceptions when we look at the values of managers and those acting in their own Company.

Lucchini RS 1 Company’s mission is “Build a common DNA inside the Group, to enhance competitiveness and efficiency by promoting core values and excellence among the Group, while maintaining local charter and flexibility, making Lucchini RS Group a sustainable partner and a Great Place to Work”.

Analyzing point by point the perception of 1 Company mission, the results show that the part related to “maintaining local charter” in the Group is the one that finds more achievement.

In the part of the survey relating to the sense of belonging to Lucchini RS Group, the 66% of the sample feel to belong to an international group beyond which goes the location where people work and geographical distance. More than the average feel that in Lucchini RS Group it’s active a specific program that takes care that everyone feels belonging to a unique and cohesive group. This result it’s important and underlines the efforts made with the 1 Company program.

Regarding awareness of 1 Company projects and how they are changing the daily working life in Lucchini RS, the questionnaire shows that two participants on three heard about the project before the survey.

The survey results will help in drafting the next action plan for 1 Company project to build a common identity inside the Group.

To improve the analysis of the project 1 Company the second questionnaire, carried out in May, has been created to investigate the effectiveness of the 1 Company newsletter.

Few took part in the survey and the feedback shows good results!

The survey investigated the tool quality and contents. The tool (e-newsletter) is considered good: the newsletter is easy and clear to read and understand, sent with a good frequency (three month), while the contents are interesting and contains strategic information.

The reading behavior of the newsletter shows that users usually look the newsletter exclusively at the sections of interest, scrolling through the pages and only reading part of it. People usually read the Newsletter out of curiosity and find interesting the following topics: products and solutions, new investments, environment and safety information, market and commercial information and articles about the subsidiaries.

The results collected from these questionnaires will surely be the starting point for achieving the objectives of the 1 Company project and optimizing the newsletter tool to be more effective. The next steps foresee more attractive contents to encourage users to forward and sharing the 1 Company news and try to solve the language problems.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the surveys!

The growth of the Lucchini RS Group depends on the contribution of each of you and 1 Company identity.




Written by Federica Forcella

LRS Communication & Events Specialist