Lucchini RS has been awarded with the “Certificate of Delivery Excellence” during the Hitachi Partners Day 2018 held at the Chinzanso hotel in Tokyo on June 13th.

The event organized by Hitachi Ltd has involved the top management supplier companies and the most important business partners with the aim of sharing strategies and future projects to strengthen partnerships.

The event was attended by 556 people, including the top management of 208 companies and, of course, Hitachi team with its president and CEO Mr. Toshiaki Higashihara.

Eight companies have been awarded for having contributed to the development of the Hitachi business with their innovation and the flexibility demonstrated.

Lucchini RS was awarded by Hitachi Rail with the “Suppliers Day Awards” for the supply of wheels and axles, and for having supported the increase in the production rate of the plants in Japan and in Italy, thus deserving the “Certificate of Delivery Excellence”.