Heavy Haul Freight Trains, they run across South Africa like blood vessels, carrying freight from the mineral rich interior of the country, to the coastal ports.

The South African Rail industry is renowned for its success in the heavy haul freight trains operated by Transnet, with particular reference to the Coal Line on the eastern side of South Africa, and the Iron Ore Line on the western side.

The coal line runs from the coal rich north-eastern interior of the country to the eastern sea port of Richards Bay. The trains run for 580km, are on average 2.5km long each carrying 20 800 tonnes of coal.

The Iron line is 861km long and runs from the Iron ore mines near the Northern Cape town of Sishen, to the sea port of Saldanha Bay. On average these trains are 3.78km long, moving 60 million tonnes of iron ore per year. This line can boast having run one of the longest and heaviest trains in the world, at a monstrous 7.281km long, carrying 70 543 tonnes of iron ore.



For over 14 years, the Lucchini RS group has been one of the major suppliers of freight wagon wheels, as well as, freight locomotive wheels for the rolling stock being utilised on the heavy haul lines, with over 150 000 wheels supplied to-date.

It is with great excitement that we can announce that Lucchini SA was awarded a 3 to 5-year contract by Transnet to supply approximately 46 000 36” wagon wheels over the first 3-year period.

This is a great opportunity for Lucchini SA, as it further re-enforces the investment made into South Africa by the Lucchini RS Group and the South African investors.



Written by Regan Holland

LSA Sales and Marketing Manager