In the increasingly competitive global market, where the underlying logic of production processes is essentially focused on meeting the specific requests of each customer, international enterprises run the risk of adapting their modus operandi to the organisational, social and financial constraints of local markets and of losing their core identity. This awareness has both a cultural dimension, as it is based on the history and the values that have been shaped over time and an economic dimension, related to the long-term objectives that the enterprise has set itself for business development.

To properly define the essential essence of our company, top management worked on drawing up the vision and the mission of Lucchini RS Group, therefore adopting two ways of communicating our “brand identity” to the outside world, at the same time strengthening the sense of belonging of the organisation’s individual components and facilitating the alignment between personal and business objectives.

Having a vision and a mission means being able to identify which results we are aiming towards and to set mechanisms in place on the basis of which the company organises its offices, tools and procedures to achieve them, without disregarding the contribution of each employee. The vision and the mission essentially shape the company’s culture, which can be defined as a complex set of the values, the purpose and the approach shared by the members of the organisation, establishing their modus operandi both within and outside of the enterprise.

Our managers drew up a SWOT Analysis to identify the strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats that characterise the Lucchini RS Group today. Working as a team, their efforts led to two insightful and profound definitions that will distinguish our company in the years to come.

Our Vision

Our Mission

The vision makes it abundantly clear that our company wants to be: focused on the future and establishes the purpose of the organisation.

The mission highlights the company’s current status: it identifies the customers and the markets, it establishes performance levels and it clarifies what distinguishes us from the competition.

It is therefore strategic and essential that the vision and the missionbecome the group’s manifesto, so that first of all, each employee knows themand secondly interiorises them so that they feel proud to belong to Lucchini RS Group, sharing the values that the company has defined as fundamental.

The “1 Company” meeting held in November on Lake Garda was the first opportunity to present the new vision and mission. In the future, Lucchini RS Group’s Communication & Events office will promote regular initiatives to promote awareness.