To those who participated to 1 Company survey a heartfelt thank you! By this, we are now able to reflect on how to improve the 1 Company program, that aims to unite the whole company in a Cohesive Group.

Compared with the questionnaire sent in April, we saw a decrease in responses, although participation remained high; this time we have streamlined the questions and simplified the compilation, an aim that we are committed to replicate in next edition: we want to allow you to give your opinion on 1 Company with ever greater simplicity!







This time we collect more than 350 answers, with different levels of involvement: the percentage at the top of the columns corresponds to the number of answers obtained, compared to the total of those who received the survey on their email address.


Here below you can see a summary of the result: we have a chart with nine bars that summarize the scores of 4 questions each. The lighter bars indicate the scores of April, compared with the dark ones of November.

The percentages shown correspond to all those who answered “3 – fairly in agreement” and “4 – totally agree” with the statements presented. We call it green area! Vice versa, the difference between this percentage and 100% corresponds to all those who declared themselves dissatisfied with the topic (red area). The survey helps us to understand our strengths and where we can still improve.

For example, the category named 1 Company Mission summarize 4 different question regarding the purpose of the program:

Here we see that 78% of the sample believes that “Lucchini RS Group is committed in maintaining local character”, while a percentage that is between 62 and 65% considers the other three statements (highlighted in yellow) to be true.

In general, this category, as long as Group Identity, shows satisfactory results, even if they can be improved. The 1 Company Values category, which investigates how the six values of 1 Company program (Excellence, Team Work, Customer Orientation, Ethics, Passion and Wellbeing) are widespread in the group, has a more than satisfactory level (we investigate, for example, the consistency between personal values and company values, declared high by 88% of the sample, and coherence between the values shown by the managers with those of Lucchini RS Group: they match for 62% of the respondents).

Looking at the remaining categories, a lot of work can be done: we first have knowledge of the objectives of the 1 Company program, which earns 4% compared to April but remains below 40%; in this category are analyzed questions such as “It’s clear for me how to contribute to 1 company targets”, satisfactory if we look at the scores obtained in SUBCOs (60%), less if we observe LRS, with particular attention to RW and F&C Operations (32%).

Then we have the program involvement: SUBCOs seem to be better involved in 1 Company program (39%), but far less than in S1 (-18%); in this category it is investigated how much Lucchini RS Group pushes to participate in the program and the enthusiasm that gather in its participants. Finance, Controlling, Accounting and IT are the dept. most encouraged (50%) and excited (58%) to participate in the activities of 1 Company program.

If we look at the communication linked to the 1 Company program, we see it rises by 8% compared to April, in particular on the quality of information (+ 11% from April) and by the frequency with which they are widespread (+ 11%).

Finally, we fall to 30% and below when we look at the management of 1 Company program (31%, -5%), its impact (26%, -11%) and the sustainability of the initiative (28%, -11%). Particularly critical is the opinion regarding “1 Company projects have a real impact on Lucchini RS Group” (13%, -30% compared to April, in particular for SUBCOs [-44%] and Finance, Controlling, Accounting and IT [ -56%]).

Here follows the reflection of our CEO, Augusto Mensi, that commented the results during the 1 Company Meeting of November: “I think this is very important: you see that the interest of achieving an improvement was very high and it improve even further. What we did not improve last year […] is to translate this spirit in real effort. We are not so effectively in closing in real time our project, and in general we are communicating more about 1 Company, but we are not able to communicate to the people the result of our effort […]: great expectation, great feeling…and then? Disappointment. But is good to know: we achieved good result, but we must do more. The effectiveness of 1 company program is our responsibility […] we have to take care of this ”

For this reason, from 2019 onwards, we will strengthen the dissemination of the program and the sharing of its effects on the Group thanks to its integration with the business plan 1 Vision. Moreover, in order to enhance the Company’s unique spirit, during the 1 Company meeting of this year great attention was given to the definition of the strategic objectives of the Group. Each of them was declined in an implementation roadmap, customized for the site that will follow it: 1 Company program and the diffusion of a single company model will be achieved respecting the local identities and needs.

You can find more details about 1 Company survey results and an overview on the program in the Obeya Room in Lovere. Soon will be also ready a digital room where also our colleagues located out of Italy could reach the contents.


Thanks again for the participation, that we hope even greater for the next survey edition: your opinion is important, and the time you will dedicate to share your opinion will direct the future development of the Lucchini RS Group.