“FORTIUS®. A steel evolution for fracking application”: the 12th book of LRS Techno Series

In this book, Lucchini RS aims to describe its experience as a supplier of special steel grades for the Hydraulic Fracking sector.

As a matter of fact, LRS wishes to recount a new experience which involve a new sector, that of “FRACKING”; the experience has been gained in recent years thanks to the partnership with LMA, the historic leader of the Oil & Gas sector.

Over recent years, fracking has undergone constant development, moving towards the drilling of more complex geological formations, which result in increased stresses and a reduction of the working-life of important consumables for this process, such as the “Frac Fluid Ends”.

To satisfy the requirements and expectations of customers who are constantly seeking longer life “Frac Fluid Ends”, LRS has designed and launched a new generation of innovative, high-strength martensitic stainless steels  under the FORTIUS brand name, which offer an excellent, well-balanced performance in terms of fatigue limit, corrosion and wear resistance, ultimate tensile strength, yield point and toughness, weldability in the case of repairs and machinability during manufacturing.

In particular, although the FORTIUS family of materials has only recently been launched on the market, it offers a longer service life in the field thanks to its special physical characteristics of subcritical propagation (fracture toughness KIC, ΔKth) and thanks to the right balance of chemical and physical characteristics.

Optimisation of “total lifecycle cost” must lead the customer to choose qualified suppliers, capable of guaranteeing not only the steel itself but also a range of crucial services, such as helping to understand the main damage mechanisms encountered in a particular application and technical support in choosing the best solution.

LRS_TECHNO 12 clearly represents an application of this philosophy: the reader will understand the complex technologies and the organization necessary to develop innovative materials and the passion with which Lucchini RS has always pursued this fascinating work.

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