As part of the European Project WHP (Workplace Health Promotion), Lucchini RS sponsored the Sarnico Lovere Run, an annual Marathon that is held along the Iseo Lake. The WHP provides annual accreditation as a health promoting workplace assigned on behalf of the European Network for Health Promoting Workplace (ENWHP). 
Workplaces that join the WHP network start a trail that involves the implementation of good practices in the field of health promotion such as the promotion of physical activities.  A good number of employees participated in both the competitive (26km) from Sarnico to Lovere and the non competitive (6km) from Riva di Solto to Lovere. During this event Lucchini RS also held a photo contest via Instagram with the #runlucchinirs hashtag.
There were more than 200 entries for this contest andthe Best Pictures were selected and awarded.  Lucchini RS supports this Initiative that promotes a healthy lifestyle. This Particular event is a unique experience, that takes place along the winding roads of Lake Iseo and at the foothills of the mountains surrounding the lake finally finishing just beyond our plant in Lovere.