Lucchini RS makes a full range of forgings to drawing for all industrial sectors, including energy, oil and gas, plant engineering, shipbulding, offshore facilities and cement works.

Forgings can be supplied rough forged, rough machined, final machined or ready assembled as a forging/casting subassembly.


blank forgings weighing up to 38 tonnes.

carbon steels, alloy steels, stainless steels and high-alloy steels in accordance with the main international standards and customer’s specifications.

forged, heat treated, rough machined, finished machined, claded, assembled.

all materials are tested and certified in accordance with international standards and customer’s specifications, using any combination of the following methods: UT-RT-HT-PT-MT-VT-DT.


gas turbine discs, rotor shafts, generator shafts, pelton/francis/kaplan runners, turbine shafts.

Blow out preventer, ram, body valve, bonnet, Christmas tree components (lower-upper body, master valve block, spool body) clamp, cylinder head, flange, frak fluid-ends, jack-up system pinion, lifting hook, , pile driver anvil, pile driver raw weight, risers-stress joint, rotery swivel connector, shear & pipe, , stabilizer,

Rudder stock shaft, intermediate shaft, propeller shaft, crank shaft.

Cylinders, column, connecting rod, cover, expander, extension, flange, high pressure head, yokes,  nozzle, pinion, tie rod tube, work roll.

Roller shaft, roller axle, kiln support roller shaft assemblies, disc, gear, joke plate, piston, toothed wheel.

Pipe reactor pressure vessel, ring, shell/tube sheet, distributor, nozzle.