Lucchini RS Group stands out for worldwide presence in highly technological sectors: Oil & Gas, Power Generation, High Tech Engineering, Shipbuilding, Cement Works and Tool Steels.

  • Fully integrated production of high quality forgings and castings (short lead time, streamlined processes and reliability).
  • “Tailor-made” solutions such as customized steel grades, co-engineering and Logistic Service.
  • Cladding and Surface treatment.
  • Mechanical and Welding assembly.

The Company’s priority is to offer customers a truly complete service.

What we createOUR PRODUCTS


Lucchini RS produces and supplies a wide range of ingots used in all industrial sectors.

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The Lucchini RS foundry is the biggest in Italy and among the foremost in Europe in terms of weight, size and quality.

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Lucchini RS produces and supplies a wide range of forged bars

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with branded materials
for plastic moulding, pressure die-casting and extrusion.

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Lucchini RS manufactures forgings,
for various applications.

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What we offerOUR SERVICES


European Metallurgical Inspection Centre (EMIC) is Lucchini RS’s division dedicated to in-service non-destructive tests.

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Lucchini RS is one of the main European manufacturers which integrated in two sites, Lucchini RS and Lucchini Mamé Forge, all facilities from research and development of materials, to steel production and finished products.

Lucchini RS Lovere – Italy Melting Shop

  • Foundry
  • Forging Shop
  • Machining Dept.

Lucchini Industries S.r.l., which is entirely controlled by Lucchini RS S.p.A., is the manufacturing and industrial department of the italian Lovere plant. LIND was established in July 2018.

Lucchini Mamé Forge operates worldwide in the Steel Forgings Business. It has been created from the acquisition in 2015 of Mamé Group Spa by Lucchini RS Spa.

Lucchini Mamé Forge – Cividate Camuno – Italy Forging Shop

  • Forging Dept.
  • Machining Dept.

The open die-forging production is focused on the Tool Steels business, for plastic moulds, hot-work and die casting application. LRS, as a fully integrated producer, is able to control all stages, from the design of material and heat treatments to the manufactory, sales and after sales service of these products.

Thanks to the strong partnership with Distributors and Service Centers, LucchiniRS reaches the most important mould and tool steels markets all over the world.

Lucchini North America, Inc. is a corporation fully owned by Lucchini RS. The company is targeted to the railway sector and will make available on the American market the Lucchini RS wide range of products for wheels, axles and wheelsets with relevant advanced solutions (special steel grades, low noise wheels, anti-ballast coatings, etc.).

Lucchini Beijing (LCN) is a commercial subsidiary, established to improve the Group’s presence in the Chinese and Asian market for rolling stock, castings, forgings and tool steels. The company also coordinates after sales and customer technical services directly on site.

Lucchini India (LIN) is wholly owned by Lucchini RS Group. Since India is a strategic market for rolling stock the addition of this company to the Lucchini RS Group is increasing its network of foreign subsidiaries and its global presence.