Aluminum is one of the most promising non-ferrous material in some industrial sectors such as:
• Automotive and other transportation
• Aerospace;
• Construction;
• Food & Beverage;
• Electronics.

The market is having a tremendous increase of global demand of the Aluminum due to its excellent properties. Solid know-how and customer orientation make Lucchini RS Group a sound and reliable partner, delivering High Added Value industrial solutions to enhance the Aluminum processes.




Superior Quality Steel grades for Twin Roll Casters.

Introduced in 1956 and developed over the years, continuous casting of Aluminum is a well-known technology to recycle the scrap generated by the manufacturing processes. It is highly effective from the energy saving point of view because the “liquid-to-strip” production is carried out in one single step, avoiding slab casting and hot rolling. The solidification is granted by the cooling capacity of the casting rolls which work in a thermal-fatigue stress condition. Therefore, the quality of the steel forged caster shells is crucial for the performance of the process as it must combine a good thermal conductivity with a strong resistance against thermal cracks. For this purpose, Lucchini RS has designed CastLOS steel grade, that fits the application and offers stable and reliable performance for all the product life.

Lucchini RS, as a fully integrated supplier of industrial solutions, provides to OEMs and the End Users not only the CastLOS caster shells but also the water-cooled forged shafts, even with the stainless-steel coating on the barrel grooves, and then the assembled shrunk-on design Caster Rolls.

Technical information

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Electro Slag Remelted Steel grades.
For Light-alloyed Die-Casting Dies.
The die casting is a production process to make components used in various industrial sectors: automotive, electro-technical, electronic, computers. The die casting can be applied to the following light-weight metals: MAGNESIUM (Mg),  ZINC (Zn), ALUMINIUM (Al), COPPER (Cu).
The steel grades used for this application are intended to reduce/minimise the typical damaging mechanisms of die casting processes.

Technical information

EskyLOS 2367     Download

EskyLOS 2340     Download

EskyLOS 2343     Download

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EXTRUSION - Tool & Equipment

Steel Grades for Extrusion and Pressing system components.
As a fully integrated manufacturer, Lucchini RS can supply single components or assembled container and extrusion tooling such as die, liner and piston. Each forged part is provided at the highest level of machining precision and ready for use.

Technical information

EskyLOS 2343     Download

EskyLOS 2344     Download

BeyLOS 2367     Download

BeyLOS 2329     Download

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BeyLOS 2344     Download

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