Lucchini Poland has received an inquiry for design Tram Warsaw with portal axles for HYUNDAI ROTEM – 492 motor + 452 trailer wheel sets. This is a great opportunity for LPL and their business expansion.

Moreover, the Company won a contract for the delivery of 1000 wheel sets for newly built PKP CARGO vehicles type LL306 and they have already started deliveries in June 2019.

DB completely trusts on LPL which has received the highest supplier rating Q1 and will continue this strong cooperation. In fact, in 2019 Lucchini Poland deliver 2300 pcs. of wheels type BA307 to Deutsche Bahn.

Furthemore, this year the Company have in the portfolio 4 trams projects for PESA BYDGOSZCZ – two of them to polish cities: Gorzów Wielkopolski and Częstochowa and other two designed to Sofia and Kijów. In total 278 wheelsets.

Last but not least… in 2018 LPL has started the implementation of SEP (System Evidential of Production), during last months they were working on Quality Module. The system is established now and under tests. It will be a great support for Lucchini Poland.


Written by

Katarzyna Wolińska – Komuda 

Lucchini Poland  Planning and Analysis Coordinator