Located in Hofkirchen an der Trattnach, in the upper Austria, Lucchini Central Europe operates in the railway sector, offering the full range of know-how, products and services of the Lucchini RS Group.

The Company has achieved an important goal, obtaining the ISO TS 22163 (aka IRIS) certification.
In order to share this news among the whole Lucchini RS Group, we asked some questions to Mr. Grabmair Wolfgang (Quality Manager).

He started his telling, explaining us specifically what IRIS certification is.
IRIS stands for International Railway Industry Standard. In other words, it is a quality management system according to ISO 9001, a standard which contains additional railway-specific requirements.
As a matter of fact, the aim of IRIS is to improve the applied quality management system
and, therefore, the reliability of the supply both in terms of On Time Delivery and Total product quality”.

We asked him to start from the beginning, describing us the steps that Lucchini Central Europe had to face to get it.
“We started discussing about Lucchini Central Europe IRIS Certification in 2017, during a Quality Management meeting in Lovere. But we put the idea into action in Summer 2018.
Together with Mr. Stefano Cantini, our Managing Director, we decided to get the cerfication by our own efforts, without the help of consultants, and designing a nimble and light set of procedures inspired to LRS Group Standards and fulfilling IRIS strict requirement. We did it in LCE way! ”

Then, he added: “The second step was the selection of the certification body.
After analysing different proposals, ÖQS has been chosen, an Austrian institute with peculiar knowledge of IRIS and its application to Small Medium Companies.
On November 2018, I presented my action plan to the whole Lucchini Central Europe team. That moment has been the real kick off of this extraordinary game: work could officially start!”

The whole quality management system has been evaluated. In particular, internal and external training was carried out. According to a process map, all processes were analysed, compared to the standard requirements and, when necessary, redesigned. So that, new necessary processes have been created and some existing ones have been integrated.

As Mr. Grabmair Wolfgang disclosed, in these cases the required ingredient is team spirit – “A good team spirit is a prerequisite for achieving this goal. We are happy to say that, overall Lucchini Central Europe has a good team spirit. I would like to thank the Lucchini RS team for the support, too. It has been very important for me.”

Talking about the most exciting moment, Mr. Grabmair Wolfgang thought about the 3 days audit and, of course, the announcement of the audit result.

“Now, we can say that the Lucchini Central Europe System has been improved, thanks to new measures that make now the transfer of knowledge easier; in addition to a better awareness among our employees, due to the training course we attended during the preparation.”

Mr. Grabmair Wolfgang concluded underling the importance of the IRIS certification – “The certification is highly valued by the market as well as by the main Lucchini Central Europe customers. So, now we can strengthen even more the relationship with our customers.”

All we can do now is to congratulate Lucchini Central Europe team on achieving this important win: Herzliche Glückwünsche!

Lucchini Central Europe Team