Lucchini Poland has received a letter of recommendation from one of their key customer FPC Cegielski: in the Qualified supplier evaluation sheet, it has obtained the highest score.

Following is an interview with Albert Siekierka, Senior Sales Manager LRS Group CEE, and Kasia Wolinska-Komuda, Planning and Analysis Coordinator.

Kasia Wolińska-Komuda: Could you tell me more about that distinction and how does this affect for Lucchini Poland?

Albert Siekierka: The history of cooperation with this client is long. The beginnings were difficult due to the small quantities, as well as difficult products, while both sides tried to keep good relations all the time. FPS Cegielski distinguished us and recommend Lucchini Poland to those customers who appreciate the high standard of provided services and the professionalism of their partners. FPS considers us a key supplier of wheelsets. They pay attention to the high quality of delivered products and timeliness of deliveries, availability of information on the fulfillment of the orders placed are worthy of attention. We received the highest possible score and we will do everything to keep such a high level of service and customer satisfaction.

Kasia Wolińska-Komuda: Can we say that the award confirms our long-standing partnerships?

Albert Siekierka: Yes, sure. It is clear sign that our products and business approach are apricated by demanding customers.

Kasia Wolińska-Komuda: Do we have chances for further orders? Will cooperation be continued in the coming years?

Albert Siekierka: Yes, FPS also confirmed that the undeniable revival in the rail sector and long-term demand for vehicles and services the direct supplier of which is H. Cegielski Fabryka Pojazdów Szynowych Sp. z o. o. make estimate further long-term cooperation with Lucchini Poland Sp. z o.o. in the scope similar to the current one.