How do strategical goals impact on the development of daily activities? 

To realize the impact of the strategical goals on our work it is necessary to implement new organisational, rational and standardised working methods which join the experience and the knowledge of people that work in our Company.

This knowledge must be collected, made available and spread in an established way. We decided to call our way to do business Lucchini RS Management System (“LMS”).

The LMS is constructed and used with the aim to fill the gap between the long-term strategy and the daily operation. We studied also a graphical Representation of the LMS: the start is the creation of values for the stakeholders (so shareholders, workers, families, communities and so on) that emerges in the Vision and the Mission.

The tools, that are used to support the Vision and the Mission, are listed in the different areas of the circle and they are the so-called “Axes of development”. Everything is enclosed by the need to have aligned and have coherent objectives at all levels (“Goal alignment”), riding the wave of the digital transformation (“Digitalization”). The last but the first in terms of importance is the Safety, represented in a different colour; it must be taken always into maxim consideration.


The Lucchini RS Management System model


The priority: Goal Alignment

We started creating the LMS, considering and selecting the primary elements to develop firstly among the listed ones above. Given that considerable programmes are already in progress to improve continuously Safety– even if they should be reinforced and improved regardless – having a well-organized system of Goal Alignment has quickly become the first essential step because it allows to have an aligned process of the goals and of the daily behaviours in the company management.
In other words, the GA system is a set of Methods and Tools used to guide people along the optimization of meetings, projects and corporate KPI.


The GA system is focalized on two main operational areas:

  • Current Business Management is the management of daily activities.
  • Strategic Project Management is the management of the projects which are considered strategic for the Lucchini RS Group.

Each component has been specifically studied in order to have a standardised, practical and concrete operational routine to follow. This includes the coherence check of the goals at different levels, the analysis of the achieved results and their comparison with the target and the definition of the reasons from the beginning and respective corrective actions. Also included are the removal of the redundancies, the inconsistencies and the wastefulness.

Thanks to the GA, a wide reanalysis has been carried out, concerning the meeting system, the rules for mail management, a deep redefinition of the corporate KPI and their check and operating system.

Thanks to all these, tangible and measured results have been achieved: 30% less of time spent in meeting, 5% more in turnout, more punctuality, cancellation of unnecessary meetings, a more efficient monitoring of the activities execution thanks to defined action plan, disclosure of leading rules for the meeting and mail management, educational meeting on “Personal Excellence”, revision of analysis report.

In general, a critical review of the management process has been launched, creating a new alignment and collaboration among all the corporate functions.

Certainly, the system is continuously in evolution. There is still a room for improvement and expansion to achieve together.


What does the future hold? 

The Goal Alignment is the first step to implement the Lucchini RS Management System.
Stay tuned. We will soon face and explain the other two axes of development that we are implementing:

  • The Impact Innovation, which is already in progress, focuses on making innovation, leading to a high impact on the market and on the Group;
  • The Lean Business Process, which is instead at first stage in the Company, concerns the redefinition of the corporate processes to make them leaner and faster conforming to the environmental changes we live in.

Thanks for your attention.
If you have comments or questions, you can contact Giuseppe Moschini for further information.