At the 1 Company 2018 Event, the Axis Impact Innovation was prioritised which focuses on the following:

  • To promote and spread the principles of innovation in all business functions,
  • To transform people’s way of acting and thinking in order to generate those high-impact proposals that make the difference on the company’s growth

We call this Axis “Impact Innovation” and not simply “Innovation” to underline the importance of having a strong impact on the market and on our Group and to avoid proposing solutions that are innovative in themselves but not very useful or unprofitable.

This project was planned in three main steps:

  • Analysis of the initial situation:

A diverse working group led by Steven Cervello and supervised by Stefano Cantini evaluated the current innovation process by measuring its effectiveness and efficiency through the mapping of two innovation projects carried out in the past and identified the critical issues most impacting on company performance;

  • Design of the new innovation process:

After a detailed and profound reflection on the root causes of the identified criticalities, the working group designed the new innovation process, constituted by pre-established phases of sharing and control of the work carried out.

The new process has been accompanied by a specific governance system, characterized by the establishment of a new role, the “product manager”, by streamlined meetings aligned with the new corporate standards and by the clear definition of responsibilities through the RACI matrix.

The new innovation development process was formalized and equipped with standard working tools, so it could become a widespread business practice throughout the Lucchini RS Group.

The new innovation process

  • The “Go-Live” of the new process:

Today the new innovation development process is being tested live, to get used to new ways of working and to identify any necessary corrections.


The results to date

We can summarize the results achieved so far by the activities of the Impact Innovation Axis as follows:

  • Creation of a process that develops market-oriented innovation proposals thanks to the involvement of all the necessary business functions from the incubation phase of the idea itself;
  • Introduction of the “Concept Paper”, a document that aims to shift the focus from the technology solution to the needs of the market and of the customers. In the last 12 months, 8 concept papers have been developed that identify new solutions or new business models;
  • Definition of a new business role, the Product Manager, which aims to involve the customer from the early stages of the project by creating the conditions for the pilot to start and in parallel by cultivating the relationship.

The effectiveness of our innovation process is now measured through measurable, clear and shared indicators such as, for example, the incidence of Services and Innovative Solutions turnover on the total Group turnover or the evaluation of innovative projects classifying them on their innovative potential. Thanks to this change, the Lucchini RS Group can direct its research and development more precisely, creating a positive impact for itself and for the market.

Training Event “Innovate beyond innovation”


In the next communication we will end the overview on the Lucchini Management System by addressing the “Agile Business Process”, the third Development Axis on which the first projects have recently been started.

For further clarification on Impact Innovation in Lucchini RS, you can contact Giuseppe Moschini or Steven Cervello’s R&D team.