Railway Components

World leader for the production of train wheels, axles and wheelsets.

Ever-increasing mobility of people and goods, in addiction to the requirement for environment-friendly transportation sustain the worldwide growth of railways. Many political and economic programs target railway development. At the forefront is Europe: it plans to reduce by 60% CO2 transportation emissions by 2050. Railways shall contribute by covering 50% of the medium-distance intercity transportation needs.


Lucchini RS supplies most of the global fleet of high speed and very high speed trains. Lucchini RS is the world’s only approved manufacturer of wheels, axles and wheelsets for the whole fleet of high and very-high speed trains of China, which has grown amazingly rapidly in the last ten years.

Wheels and axles made by Lucchini RS equipped the CRH 380 train, which achieved the world speed record for commercial service and the CRH 500 test train, which reached the record speed of 500 km/h.

The products designed and built by Lucchini RS are innovative solutions based on the extensive know-how acquired by the company in the high-speed sector in Europe.

Wheelsets feature Lursak® technology for protection against ballast impact and Syope® panels to reduce acoustic emissions.

Lucchini RS’s rolling mill can manufacture the biggest locomotive wheels, up to a diameter of 1450 mm.

Alstom Transport, Bombardier Transportation, Siemens, Hitachi, CRRC, Hyundai Rotem, Vossloh, Stadler, Pesa. All the largest global manufacturers of intercity, regional, urban and suburban trains are Lucchini RS customers. They appreciate the company’s products, technology, and focus on innovation, safety and quality.

Freiset® is the latest wheelset by Lucchini RS.

It features:

  • An axle designed with a high safety coefficient (>1.56);
  • An innovative ballast-impact protection Lursak 4F®;
  • Freiset® can also be supplied with Sura® wheels, Hypno® soundproofed wheels so as to comply with the acoustic emission limits of European Technical Specifications for Interoperability.

Lucchini RS has always been at the forefront in terms of safety and offers products with the best performance, as can be demonstrated by Freiset® wheelsets.

Full product traceability is ensured during production and overhauls, while logistics are optimised (with 100% in-house work and a full stock of ready-to-use components).

Milan, Madrid, Bucarest, Guanzhou, Göteborg, Bangkok, New Delhi, Chennai: many underground fleets all over the world are equipped with Lucchini RS wheelsets.

Lucchini RS designs and builds resilient wheels for all type of light rail vehicles, including low-floor tramways, and proposes soundproof systems like the Galene® panels.

Lucchini RS runs a one-stop shop for wheelset overhaul:

  • Wheel replacement;
  • Overhaul of axles;
  • Overhaul of axle boxes and bearings;
  • Overhaul of drive units;
  • Overhaul of brake discs.

For fleet operators, it means reduced overhaul times and costs. Performance of wheelsets is monitored to optimise Life Cycle Cost.