Starting from 2010 Lucchini RS is equipped with a new highly technological Rolling Mill with a maximum rolling capacity based on our current mix of approximately 240.000 pcs/year. We can cover all typologies of wheels up to external diameter 1.450 mm.

All the products manufactured by Lucchini RS are produced with steel coming from Still Mill line of Lovere Plant. This facility lets Lucchini RS produce a very high quality steel, continuously subjected to developments and improvements according to Metallurgical R&D results. Moreover steel grades are tailored on Customers’ requirements and local particular conditions during in-service operations.

Lucchini RS is focused on the design, production and assembly of all types of wheels for passenger and goods rail-bound transportation such as monobloc, tyred, resilient and low noise wheels from ø 300 up to ø 1500.


The manufacturing steps of wheels are the following:

  • Ingots’ saw cutting in blocks: automatic process.

  • Blocks’ rotating heating furnace: automatic process.

  • Rolling Mill, automatic process: 9.000 tons forge, Rolling mill, 5.000 tons forge, Hot marking, Hot dimensional inspection.

  • Wheels’ transferring tunnel: automatic process.

  • Heat Treatment Furnaces, automatic process: Austenitizing furnace, Quenching tanks, Tempering furnace.

    All the above mentioned processes are in line.

  • Sampling for mechanical, metallurgical and chemical testing. All the tests are performed in Lucchini RS’ laboratories which are accredited according to ISO 17025.
  • UT / HB inspection: automatic process.

    Concerning UT testing, Lucchini RS has 3 automatic devices for the control of the monobloc finished wheels’ rim, using an innovative technique based on the contact with the surface of the water and 1 automatic machine to control finish machined or rough machined monobloc wheels and tyres.

    These systems fully meet the requirements of EN standards, providing an “over quality” in the UT coverage of the tested material.

  • Machining: automatic process.

  • Balancing: automatic process.

  • MPI inspection

    Concerning MPI inspection, Lucchini RS has 3 devices  for the control of the monobloc wheels which allow a fully automated control by remote-vision of the examined areas.

  • VT and dimensional inspection.