Starting at the Source:
Sustainable Supply Chain.

There is a fundamental shift happening in the global economy. Demand for renewable energy is increasing rapidly, governments are setting ambitious targets of becoming Carbon Neutral by 2050, and companies are committing to clean up their carbon footprints. The problem of climate change impacts our planet, significantly undermining all aspects of life: from the availability of resources, economic activity, to the well-being of people. We all need to play the part to protect and save our environment.


For business it is no longer enough to be customer centric.

Companies need to become planet centric as well and that involves creating and expanding their corporate sustainability roadmap considering both the direct and indirect emissions deriving from the value chain and also avoided emissions as a result of the use of the product.


90% of natural capital impact and 80% of greenhouse gas emissions are produced in the supply chain.

[Source: McKinsey, 2020]

At Lucchini RS we are focused on reducing our carbon footprint from “cradle to cradle”, so we work alongside our supply partners to lower emissions throughout our entire value chain. Knowing our environmental impact allows us to take concrete steps to achieve the Carbon neutrality goal.


Green ID is Lucchini RS’ tool to quantify and report the emissions actually associated with a product’s life cycle according to the ISO Standard 14067:2018. Green ID adds an important layer of transparency for our customers and our partners, putting the real Greenhouse gas impact of the products in numbers that are easy to understand and act upon.


Company environmental and energy management systems are certified.

Lucchini RS has a dedicated Energy Management department that actively works to maximize the efficiency of our production facilities and minimize environmental impact.

Registered and validated historic data across all the production phases offers a true snapshot of the evolution of the Greenhouse Gas emission improvements.


  • 360° CO2eq Awareness
    Know the environmental impact of your supply chain and your business
  • Meet “Zero Emissions”
    Comply with the shared objectives at European level (Green Deal) in order to achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2050.
  • Choose the best Suppliers
    Accelerate your environmental goals by supporting your procurement strategies towards sustainable suppliers.
  • Set clear targets
    Green ID helps to measure, adjust and accelerate your environmental initiatives, letting numbers speak louder than words.
  • Become clean-by-design
    Having the right data allows you to innovate early on to develop eco-designed technologies and solutions.



A “nature-positive” economy could unlock $10.1 trillion in business value annually by 2030.

– World Economic Forum, 2021


At Lucchini RS we believe that being environmentally conscious is not just about being a good corporate citizen. It is a competitive advantage. As the economies will shift to a low-carbon model, businesses will increasingly compete on the basis of their sustainability. We actively invest in lowering our GhG emissions and help customers, business partners and suppliers to do the same.

Because you can’t improve what you can’t measure.