Until just a few months ago nobody could have ever envisaged a global health emergency of these proportions.

We still do not have any forecasts supported by objective data; we read lots of conjecture, some of which saying one thing and some of which the complete opposite.

The only realistic solution is to find a vaccine and relative treatments as quickly as possible so we can eradicate the horrible COVID 19 once and for all.

With the requisite common sense, the correct information at our fingertips and a good dose of optimism, we must all modify our behaviour to bring it into line with the conduct requested by the governing authorities.

The Italian authorities have tackled the problem with draconian measures and strategies, some of which commendable, others less so. For these reasons, before the ministerial decree had been issued, in our Italian plant in Lovere we closed for about 20 days, in order to make our tangible contribution to the emergency effort.

When it was possible to reopen the Lovere plant we introduced a series of very stringent and well thought-out safety practices to ensure our working methods are in line with established occupational health measures.

I would now like to briefly share my thoughts on different issues:

– Firstly, we must all accept that the world changes, sometimes for the worse. What we must do is try and see the good that can come out of this change. We must therefore learn to be more open to change and “force ourselves” to be more flexible.

– Once again, we need to concentrate on the importance of people and this means integrating the classic and daily Health and Safety’ s challenge with the containment of this virus, in the workplace and beyond. In any case, this extreme situation will open our eyes and provide us with very valuable experience. There is no need to be a hero: the important thing is that we are aware and responsible enough to perform our jobs with the necessary care and attention.

– We will need to communicate more extensively and more effectively with each other, in an open, constructive and collaborative way to identify and solve problems. This goes for all the men and women that work for the Group, at all levels, in all companies.

– Last but not least: a company cannot be successful on the market, with healthy balance sheets and a great reputation, if its management, workforce and collaborators are not happy and proud to participate in company life. Only a united company can overcome this challenge; there cannot be companies that profit to the detriment of their workers and there cannot be workers that hold grievances towards their companies.

I like to compare our Group with a large ship, well fitted-out and capitalised, with a good business, an excellent management and professional staff that are proud to participate in company life.

Let’s hope that those delegated to govern us can give the right guidelines to lead us out of this crisis, which is no longer now just a health emergency. But then, each of us must play a tangible, real and active role in this process.

Finally, as an entrepreneur with many years of experience behind me, someone who has seen successes and problems to be solved, I would encourage you all to keep your heads down and do your job to the best of your ability and determination because the final outcome will depend on each and every one of us.

Thank you for your attention and best wishes.











Giuseppe Lucchini